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A series of thirteen books  by Welsh writer H M Sealey - a dark, beautiful, fantastic tale - Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter.  A fantasy series primarily set in the present day, but with a universe spanning centuries and the globe. Set in the wilderness of Wales, a country with its own language and magical landscape, from snow-peaked mountains to lakes, rocky beaches and hilly forests. The story of Kingdom Rising speaks of powers, demons, otherworldly beings, entities within our minds and the salvation of the human race.

Dark, thrilling, tormented, epic, magical and in intricate detail, the battleground is the human mind and the stakes are reality itself.



 The books chart a forty year period (with certain parts reaching back to the beginning of creation) in the lives of a small group of people who are set apart for the King, and combines a sweeping historical narrative with the sometimes painful realities of ordinary people. From the damp, grey skies of first century Wales, to Jerusalem where the Roman legions kept the Jewish people subject to Caesar, the series follows the Wandering Jew of legend as he and his brothers seek peace, and the people his long life affects.All because a Celt, a girl with Dryw blood in her veins, heard the King calling her even while He still walked in the dirt of the Earth and sought Him at the expense of her freedom and her life.The King is everything. He is the beginning and the end, the reason the world turns on its axis, he is yesterday, today and tomorrow and the universe is the work of His hands.


But His greatest creation is mankind, made in His image and designed to be creative, compassionate, loving, thoughtful and full of joy and peace in their beautiful world.      Yet the human race is no longer the King's. The human race has chosen the way of the demonic Kingdom and the King is all but rejected from the lives of those He loves most. The demonic army is rising, an angry force of evil that will never forgive the King for making humankind in His image, for loving men and for giving them the gift of a physical existence and a beautiful world.


Why another world?

"With the vast, universal theme of good versus evil, with the often deeply flawed protagonists fighting to prevent the onslaught of a demonic kingdom most of humanity cannot see or even sense, with the unnerving concept of memories never being forgotten and the past sometimes close enough to touch, I've often asked myself why on earth compound the complexity of this story with a whole other universe?

Sometimes the answer is, I don't know.

But usually I say, because we all have another universe inside us, a universe where we are the protagonist. These universes are real, they guide our characters, change us, teach us, comfort us and sometimes delight us.

Ish's universe, clumsy and over-simplistic, exists because people contain infinite worlds within human bodies. Infinity cointained within finite flesh-and-blood.
And concepts don't get any stranger or more exciting than that."


"The King is .......everything. He is the reason the sun rises and sets. He is the one who mourns for every lost soul and rejoices for every one who turns and seeks His face, even in the middle of the darkness. He is the one who stepped into the world at its most desperate point and made a way for the human race to be made beautiful again."

                                             Hades Rising



"I'm not afraid to take themes and ideas from the Bible (as well as the Arthurian legends and chunks of history which I have shamefully appropriated. If it's a good idea, I'll steal it.) and make them my own. Like all writers, I find inspiration everywhere I look and like all writers, I snatch these ideas when I find them and pretend they come from my clever brain. Too often writers are uncomfortable with plagiarizing the Bible in case they are seen as being "too Christian."Kingdom Rising deliberately contrasts the joy and beauty of finding one's own spiritual calling against the constraints of organised religion.   There is a wealth of untapped story potential within the Christian tradition that does not need a scaffold of dogma around it. I take great delight in drawing out this potential in my series. The King is everything good wrapped up in a package for mankind. The church has hogged Him for too long." 

"Kingdom Rising deliberately contrasts the joy and beauty of finding one's own spiritual calling against the constraints of organised religion."

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